As you may know, I tried (and eventually succeed) at house-buying  in 2014. I had two failed attempts! Both in Arden, Delaware…. The ‘Hippie House(s)’ got condemned while I was under contract for the purchase. They let me out.


Homemade hippie house in Arden. That’s why it got condemned





Then came the heartbreak of standing in line to rent the moving truck and finding out I had “lost” another house in Arden – Sunset Lane. No more about that!


Sunset Lane in Arden. Product of a bad real estate guy





Then came weeks of living in an already officially vacated rental house, with a brand new (not supposed-to-have-one) kitten, and no furniture. Everything had been moved, you see.

I signed a contract for a third house in late June. And took possession on Halloween. Yes, you are right – that’s close to 4 months of a ‘virtual homelessness’ of living in temporary situations: Andrew at a colleague’s New Jersey beach house, both of us in the Pine St temporary apartment, me at my Algerian cab-driver-boyfriend  Karim’s south Philly apartment, and in hotels and motels around the city and country.

Because the owner changed his mind. He had a series of strokes. He was sick, his kids were taking advantage of him (perhaps they weren’t the only ones), his ex-wife sued him to force the sale. His bank foreclosed on the house. And I was stuck in the middle, waiting for a house which plenty of people were plenty skeptical about! And probably for some good reasons.

That house – and the reasons for folks to be skeptical, and my attempts to renovate, remodel and homestead on this property, are the subjects of this blog. In the end I got a 1.3 acre plot of land in a not so great part of the greater metro area. But one day I came to visit the house in early fall and found this scene.


Deer on the homestead, late summer

And then I decided it was all going to be ok.

Here’s to the adventure!



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