Almost Losing Marten Lane

There were, naturally, many obstacles. Were I a superstitious person, I might have thought that the universe did not want me to buy a house at all…..

The point of this blog is supposed to be the renovation so I am not – pointedly not! – going to talk about the fact the the seller changed his mind. His kids got involved. He had another stroke. His ex-wife took him to court to force the sale so she could get her equity out of the house. My mortgage company said they would not approve the loan because the house is on a ‘private road’, and without assurances that there is road maintenance they wont back a house. They stalled it for a month. The appraisal came in much lower than the asking price. At the last minute we found out that the house was in foreclosure! There were basically squatters living there in the end. They left a gigantic mess and a broken window and a horrible stench.  During one of the last interactions I had with the seller’s son I said to him “tell your dad I’m going to take good care of the house”  and he said “my dad wanted to die here”. I feared for the karma of the place.

Not to mention (although obviously I am mentioning it all) that through all this Andrew and I were homeless.  I signed the paperwork to make the offer on June 29th, and closed on the house of Halloween.


New Jersey shore summer house homelessness

One week Andrew spent on the Jersey shore – it was late summer.


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