First, the hard parts

I took possession Halloween Friday morning. Karim and I went to the house and started cleaning and ripping up carpets…..692 I’m pretty sure that every person who ever entered that house had to light a cigarette as a sort of rite of passage. Even the 150 lb mastiff smoked, I think.



We welcomed Andrew home and christened the place.

704 708

You know that there was a mountain of garbage, right? That one could barely stand the smell? That the washer and dryer, and refrigerator, which were supposed to be there were gone? That a stained mattress was leaning against the wall in the living room?698

My amazing sister and her amazing husband drove right down the next day from Buffalo to help…. And there was lots of help needed!


Tom did all the hard work


Did I mention that Tom did all the hard work?


Clearing out the house, into the garage


This refrigerator downstairs is actually white. That’s not a trick of the light, it’s smoke.










Ripping up the carpet helped the smell, a bit

746 749 750

It was a flurry of cleaning, hauling, buying appliances, airing and deodorizing, and drinking beer and wine! We used come junk removers from Angie’s list who were great.

When they departed, we were left with a mostly livable place, which smelled mostly ok (at least upstairs). And then Andrew was off to LA again.


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