Buying Marten Lane

So there was house hunting and house buying turmoil all around…. I mentioned in my previous post about having lost 2 houses in Arden, Delaware. In and around all that, though, I am pretty sure I actually went into at least 100 houses over the course of the year. 100 houses! If I remained at all unfamiliar with my new state, new city, and environs, that was cured by house-hunting. Different counties, different taxes, different commutes, different availability of public transportation. So many things to consider.

The homestead was almost a default, in fact. I had been in it already, even prior to making the offer on Sunset lane. It was pretty awful – and it remained pretty awful! And it was overpriced… That was the real reason I didn’t make an offer. Then after losing Sunset Lane – quite literally while driving back up to Philly from the storage unit where we had housed everything – I said “maybe I’ll just buy Marten lane”. And I believe I made the offer the next weekend. It is pretty small and outdated, with no central air or heat, just baseboard heaters in every room. And its not in the best part of town, either. In fact, writing this makes me wonder if it was just desperation that drove me to it! 😉

Here is a video of the house when it was initially for sale, I believe. This is it at its best!

But the outside! 1.3 acres of green, on a large, private almost-estate with just a few houses dotted around (it was a large farm back in the day). Trees everywhere. A small outbuilding. And a huge garage – open timber construction and 1000 square feet of unfinished potential living space. And, you know, I was homeless. And I’m me, so I said “I’ll just turn that into living space, and remodel the whole thing”. Because, you know, I have so much time.


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