Montezuma’s Gold

On all those DIY shows – my favorites are ‘Fixer Upper’ and ‘Rehab Addict’ – they seem to make just the easiest decisions. They are standing in the middle of tile store, or a flooring showroom and they just go “this one will be perfect”.

Of course, we do not see what goes on behind the scenes! They must have designers with an already put together color palette, probably in a fancy book with fabrics, paints and other materials which all go together…..  For us, when it came time to choose the flooring for the living room, and in fact for the rest of the upstairs – we brought home several samples of wood, engineered wood, and bamboo and laid them out next to the new tile and tried to match. Tried to match on the basis of a 3′ x 3′ sample. Tried to match the new wall (which is a light-yellowy pine), and the new tile which as I have said has a lot of subdued cool greenish grey tones in it. Based on this exacting process, we chose an engineered wood product called ‘Hand Scraped Maple Sedona‘. To the tune of about $3.00 per square foot.


The floor goes in

The wood has to ‘mellow’ in the house for a couple of days and then we were off! Karim, Andrew and I laid the floor easily in a few hours. It’s a floating floor, the wood cuts easily, and the install was a breeze.

The wood really is lovely and incredibly warm and sort of glossy…….

Here is a view of the finished room


Something is not quite right…

Well, something felt not quite right…..

At first I thought it was that the foyer tile extended too far into the living room… and in fact, it did, a bit. Quite a bit, perhaps.


Aha! Foyer is too big

During Christmas break, Andrew actually cut out the end tiles, trimmed  and relaid and grouted them. Hmmmm… still not exactly right, though….


Shortened the foyer width

I figured painting would ’round it out’. maybe ‘pull it all together’.  More choosing – at Home Depot with a wood sample and a tile sample in hand. We went from one section of the store to another, including to the lighting section, trying to see what different paint colors looked like in different light, and chose a Glidden color called ‘White Sage’. Painting the newly finished walls was very satisfying!

Hmmm…. something still felt not quite right.

My dear niece Sadie, who is not one to mince words, really, was the first to say it. “you’re gonna have to replace the floor”.

That is when I realized that the wood is actually assaultively bright and shiny in that space, and does not at all match the cool color palette of the paint, tile, or ‘feature wall’.

Well, I guess we are taking it up and cutting our losses…..


One thought on “Montezuma’s Gold

  1. Sadie Glenn Gallagher

    I can’t help calling it like I see it 🙂 It’s the ‘artiste” in me. The new floor Looks great!!



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