Replacing the floor

I wasn’t happy about it, but neither was I going to be happy being greeted every day by my shiny gold floor.

So, we took it up. After work.


Karim and I carry $1000 worth of wood downstairs

By the way if you are reading this and live in PA, I have some lovely wood flooring for sale.

We replaced it with this product: 12 mm Laminate flooring in ‘Distressed Brown Hickory.

Yes, it’s laminate. I know its of lesser quality than the stuff we took out. This just really was the wood that looked best. (Well, actually this was the wood I liked best, but I was prudent and figured it wouldn’t be cost effective to put $15,000 worth of wood in that house).

This was after Andrew and I spent the weekend buying, laying out, and then returning one box at a time of other options. In addition to again trying to come to any meaningful conclusions of the basis of the 3″ x 3″ wood swatch that stores are generous enough to give you!  (As an aside, did you ever see this floor? Someone made it out of those free wood samples… It’s on my list for next year!)

Anyway the new product is lovely – really lovely. We ran it the other way, my sister Pam’s suggestion. newfloor4

As many of the reviews of the flooring suggested, it was not terrifically easy to lay. The first floor (Montezuma floor!) went in like butter. The second floor required a lot of time, and patience. The under-part of the boards is made of particle board and it chips and flakes easily. The seams do not have as much give. And do not come together as easily. Even though I did not end up loving the first floor, I am certainly willing to say that the quality difference was evident).

And, this happened: the big-ass gap.

Big-as* gap

Big-as* gap

As of this writing, I’m not sure if baseboard is going to be enough to cover that – and I read that leaving a big gap in a floating floor encourages the other tongue-and-groove pieces to uncouple over time.

Tonight will probably find us in the freezing cold garage trying to rip-cut a 1.5″ strip out of already difficult-to-work with laminate flooring. Wish me luck!


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