Status of the Floor

Hey, thanks for stopping in to read… Awww, shucks. Thanks guys, for reading and for the email feedback!

Anyway, all is well in the living room! Rip cutting the laminate boards went pretty well…. Even though cutting has to be done in the unheated garage!

01 16 06

01 16 03

Baseboards are going in, too….. Still working on good mitering and coping skills, though. My philosophy at this point is just.. caulk it.

Mitering is hard!

Mitering is hard!

Threshold wood is also going in.

Trying to solve the reducer problem without an ugly reducer

Trying to solve the reducer problem without an ugly reducer

Baseboards are painted a lovely soft white color – “Mother of Pearl’ – from Ralph Lauren… My mom taught me to paint baseboards in a semi-gloss so I did.

painting baseboards

I ordered some sweet white curtains from Overstock that have trees on the bottom (too twi? We’ll see)….

Hopefully the next post you see will be the complete before and after pics for the living room which will also include a total estimate of time and cost for the project (excluding the non-monetary cost of the crushing realization that I took on too  much when I bought this house. Wait, that’s a joke!?)

Next – on to the halls.


2 thoughts on “Status of the Floor

  1. Chuck Howard

    Hi Sister, Was so great to see you! Love reading about your progress with your new home. I wish I was closer for lots of reasons, but I would really enjoy doing some electrical magic for you..Lighting, new outlets,switches,dimmers,cover plates, you know the deal!
    Work safely..goggles, mask and stuff. So Proud of You! Love you!



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