Finishing Touches

I’m not gonna lie – the finishing was brutal. Finish carpentry in particular.


A particularly bothersome little outside corner with uneven floor surface….


I mentioned that I am a perfectionist, right? Ground down the MDF baseboards so that they would meet evenly on top, despite the difference in floor height.


I mean, I got MDF baseboards and they cut easily and sand easily and you can fit them in tight spots and they really do look like wood when painted and in place. But they are a cheap imitation of wood, truthfully.  And the fact that baseboards are by design nailed into walls does not bode well for MDF which is as soft as baby-tummy essentially.

The baseboard in general – so much time and I’m a bit of a perfectionist and they have to be painted and mitered and fit and nailed and finished. Butt joins have to seamed shut perfectly, and they are the easy ones. Ugh, miter joins, ugh.

This happened a few times

This happened a few times

Ugh, mitering by hand in the cold garage.

Ugh, mitering by hand in the cold garage.


I ended up using a combination of caulk and dry wall mud to finish the job. You may remember my old friend mud from other posts about earlier in this very same room 😉 Well, I remembered that it dries like plaster and sets up easier than caulk, and is just easier to work with.











Not to mention that the transition between the tile and the wood is not level (really, its an old enough house that not much is level). This proved sort of disastrous and is currently my only real worry about the integrity of the whole job. It’s funny that the big jobs are so much more forgiving than the little ones.

IMG_0571IMG_0554IMG_0597 IMG_0594



We worked all day – finished the tile (sanding, final grouting (It better be effing final grouting), and sealing it. Finishing the baseboards, painting the ceiling (yeah, I’d forgotten about that job), putting in the threshold. Painting the door frame.

I’m searching around for the perfect tv stand!

The curtain I ordered did arrive. Curtain, singular. Really, who sells only one curtain? So, back to overstock for the rest – it’s gonna take 3 I guess. And maybe I ordered a rug while there.

Final (final!?) picture when the room is together. I need to decide on a color to paint the door…..


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