It’s a bit anticlimactic…..

The living room is done.


Potting In January!

It was a beautiful warm day today, close to 50 I think, even though there’s still a little snow on the ground and supposed to be a snow storm this week.  I even did some potting outside.





We emptied the rest of the storage unit into the garage.

I finished the last of the baseboard painting and now it’s all done. We worked on some decorating. Does everyone’s home now look like a Starbucks? One cube from Ikea and you’re stuck. I have hickory floors and white baseboards (and oh wow they turned out nice! Worth all that extra effort) and dark wood and an Ikea cube, and it’s starting to look like a Starbucks.

IMG_5331I’ve been thinking a lot about the style question – what is the style of the homestead?

I have a lot of pictures of flowers – they dog me, popping up at flea markets and yard sales and Center City street antique fairs and of course at my favorite store Uhuru.


I’m worried the room is unbalanced – Starbucks on one side and country living on the other…


You may notice in this pic that I stained the country paneling wall one evening last week. To be honest, I had a bit too much wine that evening, but I figure one night’s worth of tipsy design choices is not bad, considering. And, it’s better.




Now that it’s all together I’ve  started to wonder how it could have possible taken that long.  So to remind myself I’m officially posting before and after photos and calling it done. Next, on to the hallways and bedrooms.


















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