Chainsaw & Know-How

Pam, Tom, Andrew & I were talking once about something having to do with chainsaws (because that’s just how we roll) and how you have to have the ‘know-how’ to operate one. We decided that Chain-Saw (Tom) & Know-How (Pam) are the best, absolute most ideal nicknames for them! But I don’t need a chainsaw (at this point! wait for spring ;)), so this post is about know-how.

The kind of jobs I have been doing around here take a lot of know how, of course. But much more than that….. So many weird intangible things.  First, the guts to start, the belief that you can do it. A trust that if you cant do it, you can find the resources to help, or ways to learn skills and solve any problems with a combination of distant past experience, instinct, DIY shows and YouTube. Then, a tremendous amount of patience, because mistakes will be made. Oh yeah, mistakes mid-stream, mistakes and unforeseen problems that have to be fixed along the way.

Also, I hesitate to say ‘faith’, but yeah, a lot of faith, too. Faith that paint can fix a lot of things, along with drywall mud and caulk. Faith that mistakes that look huge to you when your face is inches away from them will just ‘blend into the woodwork’ . That know-how is being accumulated with each job & each mistake, big or small.

Some of the know-how I have acquired recently:

Someone on the internet has had the exact same problem as you, and written something about it, and taken pictures.

When you are tired and start making mistakes, take a break or call that job quits for the day.

Make sure you always have everything you need right next to you when you start a job, or return to it. Including a tape measure, a pen, and a rag.

The caulk does not stop coming out of the gun when you take your finger off the trigger.

Prime, paint, repeat.

Mud, sand, repeat.

The home depot clearance rack is your friend.

When feeling discouraged, start and finish just one job no matter how small.

Mistakes can be overcome – this women painted and then sanded, primed and repainted ten doors in what she calls the the most epic horrendous DIY disaster.

This wisdom comes from the next project – the hallway. I’ve decided if Nicole Curtis can get away with saying she’s ‘addicted to rehab’, I can start saying I’m obsessed.








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