A Late Winter Intermission

It’s been a whole month since I’ve posted and I’ve missed being connected to this project…. Not the actual projects themselves (to which I am very much still connected), but the act of sitting here and recounting them. It’s because writing about a project/room meant it was done, and nothing has been completed in the month! Several projects are now in motion simultaneously including the back bedroom, the made-from-scratch desk, the ghetto-greenhouse, a week long installation of central air and heat, and now actual outside gardening.

I wont complain about the bitter cold we experienced because I know you all felt it. It snowed and snowed!


The road to the homestead


An absence of color

One day on the road to work I saw this truck with an entire load of soil and was momentarily heartened.

Carrying Spring

Carrying Spring

But then it snowed some more.IMG_5523


Winter was so long, Andrew’s birthday Amaryllis bloomed, died and then bloomed again!


March 2015


January 2015






And the cats, after having (seemingly) resolved their ongoing territorial feud, really just wanted to go outside….


As for me, I guess after 3 months of non-stop homesteading a little break was called for. In fact, since moving into the Homestead about November 1, it’s been non-stop travel and work.  I just didn’t realize how completely exhausted I was perhaps. And now I remember that for some reason this time of year is always trying at work.

But, Spring! I asked for a 3 week leave of absence from work starting about May 1, and we are all gearing up for a big spring push! Visits from Pam & Tom, Connie, Gallaghers? possibly Miss Mara? Jeremy you better your butt out here! (Jannie, you know the invite stands for you, too). Gardening and a big late-spring hippie camp-out/music fest? Oh, yeah.

So let’s continue……..


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