Gardening in the Ghetto Greenhouse

I posted last month about seed starting. Much has transpired!

In an attempt to warm up the germination process, Andrew erected a clever but ugly ‘greenhouse’ around the foyer area where the seeds live.


It’s actually painter’s tarp

It seemed to be working pretty well although I was worried at first about the temperature control because there is a baseboard heater in there, blowing directly up into the ‘greenhouse’ which is nice at night, but on days when the sun is shining, it’s pretty warm. As it turned out, what I should have been worried about was moisture control.


But it seemed pretty successful and lots of babies were coming up! Including my chili-babies….


Poor picture quality is ok because they all died ;(


At one point I counted 15 seedlings.

But as I said, it was warm in there. And as it turned out, dry. Really dry. And seedlings which had already germinated were trapped under the dome with those who hadn’t.  And then there was a really quick stretch when they weren’t checked enough. Disaster! A bunch of my babies died either of root rot from being too wet, or from completely drying out.

IMG_5535 IMG_5537


So I am regrouping, re planting, and enjoying the things which were successful!

IMG_5631 Tomorrow – March 15 – I will replant chili seeds, and Andrew and i are going out into the muddy yard for the first time, to put the cool spring seeds directly into the ground. Kale, spinach and lettuces.


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