I’ll just get this right out there: the back bedroom is pink. The living room and hall are a pale green, and the back bedroom is pink(ish). The homestead is starting to look like an old lady’s candy dish. More later on my attempts to reclaim what was supposed to be a country homestead from the design choices of Andrew (he’s English, you know, and I’m learning that ‘English country house’ has a very specific meaning), and Karim who grew up in Algiers where they favor a lot of salmon and peach tones, apparently.

As I said in the previous post, I don’t have an ‘after’ picture….. There is still a missing window, and other miscellaneous finishing up to do including (as you shall see) repairing the damage done in the heat/AC install. But this is as close at we are now and I teaching myself to move on, and do several things at once 😉


Window will go in tomorrow!

At this point I suppose I should dispense with saying things like “it was bad’, ‘it was hard’, or ‘it was brutal’. Several projects in, and now I see that each one comes with its own challenges. Well, I’m gonna backtrack on that a bit: I think this one in particular was a preview for when we get to the downstairs,  because of  the smoke damage. Washing the walls and ceilings with ‘scrubbing bubbles’ was gleaned from an internet tip and was surprisingly effective – rivers of yellow running down the walls. The walls in general were just extra bad back there, holes and damage and general nastiness. Plenty of drywall mud, and KillzMax primer (3 coats I think) left a clean slate for painting.


It’s not as bad as it look, really




The floor went in pretty easily this time because we had to remove the existing underlayment due to dog pee damage. No hope of saving it like we did in the other rooms. So, the floor went down directly on the plywood subfloor and that was easier.


Kenzie is slowly forgiving me for her difficult childhood

I had fun remodeling the closet – staining the shelf and clothes rod.IMG_5526

This short post is primarily notice that we now have a (mostly) functional guest room.. Ahem, hint, hint! Will be moving on the downstairs apartment soon.


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