Welcome a New Member of the Family

So, I got a doggie! His name is Chester (he came from the Chester County SPCA). He joins Kenzie & Eddie, and Andrew, Karim & I at the homestead.



He is absolutely the smartest and sweetest puppy I have ever met! Of course, i am a new “mom” and I think everything he does is delightful, but seriously he learned “come!” in about an hour and does it faithfully, and from any distance. Then he learned “sit” in an evening and is pretty good at it šŸ˜‰ He even is learning how to walk on the leash – by which I mean he picks the leash up in him mouth and walks me around. Such a smart boy!

I am a advocate of thorough, consistent training – a dog is happiest when he knows where he fits in the family and what is expected of him. I am crate training him, which I have never done before but what they say is right – if you do it correctly the crate becomes a place of safety and security for the dog. He goes in there by himself to lay down. And it helps in potty training since the dog’s natural instinct is to not soil where he sleeps so he learns to hold it.

He is also very gentle with the cats and is trying desperately to make friends with them. Eddie is reciprocating and they are getting close to actual play. All in less than a week.


Chester & Eddie are buddies

You may remember that I lost a dog before I moved to the east coast (that sad event is here). I have been deeply missing the love and companionship of a dog since then and I’m thrilled to have all his sweet puppy kisses.


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