I guess it’s about time to update you, dear friends.. I see that some of you have been faithfully stopping by in spite of the lack of new content on the blog. Thanks!

There has been a whirlwind of activity and progress, despite the lack of proof 😉 It’s because we’ve all been so busy that I have not gotten back here in these many months….

Then I faced the task of figuring out how to present the newest work. By month? By project? My guest host/decorator/family member/friend accomplices?

I’ve decided on a great, big, expulsion of info, not organized at all and neccesarily only hitting the high points (I laugh when I look back and see the detail I was obsessed with in the beginning!).

Part 1: The Garden

We built a pretty rockin’ garden with a custom fence installed by Karim, Andrew and I including sinking all the posts, fabricating all the raised beds, building all structures, etc. Karim built a lovely gate for it which we have yet to attach successfully but does look beautiful anyway….


Here is the location of the garden ‘before’… Me digging some lettuce beds as early as March





    Here it was just before we broke ground in April



    Here we are posts ready to go!

  3. Sinking and reinforcing postsSinking and reinforcing posts

Andrew actually dropped a 4 x 4 on my head. No joking.


About mid way through construction….


Center posts – almost done!


Stained what we could before everything got out of control… (The plants I mean!)


The gate pre-stain


The (mostly) finished product


A nice view from across the driveway….

Part 2: The bounty! (Where I turn into my mother and show everyone pictures of my flowers).


Karim and I turned a section of lawn into a yin-yang early in the summer…..


And turned it into a lovely spot!


With one-half white nicotiana and one-half colorful zinnias….

IMG_0739 IMG_0745 IMG_1273 IMG_1274 IMG_1305  IMG_1309 IMG_1311 IMG_1315 IMG_1322 IMG_1344 IMG_1366 IMG_1370 IMG_1458 IMG_1481IMG_0778 IMG_0779Last but not least (should have gone first perhaps but I’m too lazy to move the pics around!) I know some of you will appreciate how excited I am to be growing Sandia hot New Mexico chili peppers in my garden….


And moonflowers on my porch.




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